New here, just introducing myself!

Hello! My name is Ryan. I am new here to and forex. I am currently in the baby pips school on the elementary level currently. I have been around finance my whole life. My mom was a financial underwriter and my dad was a stock broker. I had my own finance/ real estate company ( I hold a series 7) I have amassed a good chunk of money to invest, but I want to learn how to build wealth by trading. I am not a sheep, I am not just gonna throw money at a hot stock tip kramer said on TV, although sheep are necessary in this business.

My goal is to learn trading thoroughly after trading in a demo account for 6 months, push past the losses, and make a comfortable living doing this to start off.

You can make large profits through forex In little time, but initially be difficult, because you will need a period of learning and training that could help a good trading plan
I wish you success

Hi, best of luck!

Welcome ! Good luck in your forex journey

Hi, I’m Afik. I just try to learn from this web