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Hey guys, i wanted to have your opinion (probably you are more experienced than me) into opening a demo account to test my skills. any recommendation would be nice.

Would take your question seriously if you asked for advice about real account. There are no special hints that will help you to get an advantage in demo trading. Just open it with any broker and trade. The only recommendation though is find unlimited demo accs, such as I have on Hotforex and with broker that doesn’t urge you to open live with them.


hi Jakob
why dont you open three or four or five demos with different brokers and see which one you like best! maybe you should use the demo of a broker who you would also trade your real money with. that way, incase you ever wanted to upgrade to a live account, you are already comfortable with their platforms etc.

hello. i agree with gustav, you should choose broker with who you would actually trade money. so when you are ready to do live account, you are familiar with broker. choose a regulated broker.

Thank you guys for the quick reply. @profitbaby Thank you for the recommendation, so there is not any significant difference between different demo accounts? @GustavFX @Zalan that is what i though that it is better to shortlist some brokers and start using there demo accounts so i will be more familiar with them. Do you guys have any recommendations if yes then maybe some pros and cons about them…

MT4 demo platform in standard from broker to broker so I guess there is no sizable difference between them. Brokers work as mediator between you and Liquidity provider so differences can be visible on real account especially in stability of quotes, spreads, slippage, etc.

if its demo then any broker should do, use some big names in the market such as hotforex fxcm etc to try demo, and best of luck

Yeah Hotforex demo should fit all your newbie needs for sure.

Great guys thank you very much for your recommendations, i have made 3 different accounts and i will practice, also do you think it is a good idea to open similar positions in order to see any differences and maybe help me decide which one is better?