New in Babypips

Hello, everyone , I am new in this forum, one of the best community from all I like, hope my trading knowledge will increase by sharing experience among all.

if you are a newcomer in Forex trading , try to go through pips school first of all and be active in beginner session. good luck.

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Welcome Neil, enjoy BP and forex!

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welcome Mate , hope , your trading ability will increase ,

Hope you’re going through the School of Pipsology! Welcome to the forums!

Welcome welcome NeilKruger! :smiley: This is such an awesome community and I hope you enjoy it here! :blush: Feel free to talk to us too! Haha. :slight_smile:

i know about pips school , i am not completely newcomer in trading but not much profitable also , i have come into this place because there are lots of senior trader and adviser . they are always supportive for any kinds of trader.

Welcome! Are you going through the School of Pipsology first?

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how many times you have passed in here , ? can you explain more about something ?

Yes! I see you’ve been here since 2017. How long have you been trading? :slight_smile:

almost 5 years , still i am learning from this stock market and practicing.

there is no ending of learning in spite of passing a long time in here , so , regular practice is a big challenge , sometimes we lost interest after passing short period and trade at random. this is the wrong way and make us loser ultimately.

Hi there, I am also new here not ashamed to say i know nothing!
I am trying to start the pre school course but i cant seem to click anywhere to actually start the course i can only read the outline of the course? Can someone help me with this?