New in forex trading

Hi everybody I am trading forex around 1 year,unfortunately I lose all the money I invested on the trading .I really thankful to Babypips for the valuable resources,I am learning everyday from Babypips website.My only and last aim is to become a forex trader where I can make more money and lose less, any advice or suggestion is most welcome. thank you and happy trading.:smiley:

how much did you give the markets if I may ask?

Hi Nikitafx thanks for replay, I have lost almost 7000 pound, everything I saved. I am trying to learn the trading now, took admission on babypips school. Please feel free to give some advice and guidance.happy trading

fuuhhhhhwweee…that is alot of money sharebazar.

Well one thing for starters, you never deposit a big amount in a market like forex to make a big amount.

If you ask me, a 1 thousand USD deposit is big. It either grows on compounding or it does not.

Beginners should always start with a micro or mini and build from that.

i loled hard here :smiley: u allways act first then think or just in forex or just maby u need to start to think and maby then act? :D:D:D

What system were you using when you were trading?

Yeah sounds like it could be one to avoid :slight_smile:

I know it’s huge amount for me, I was looking for the news & also some indicators.I do not have any specific system for trading.happy trading

Well I think you should decide on a few things first.

How long do you spend looking at the markets.

Can you do it daily?

Can you have hourly peeks?

What kind of pips per trade are you looking for ? etc etc etc.

Then you would have a place to start looking for a method to trade.

You need to organise things into some sort of a plan and then go from there on sharebazar.

Hi sharebazar, i am on a distinguished road as you lol but did not loose that much money. I am trading longer then you but still on the process of building one way to be profitable.

Since i am not a successful trader so i am not suggesting you, but i want to tell you a few things i have done in my trading journey.

[B]Completed the school: [/B]When i finished babypips for the first time then it took me one week. So when i began i had pretty good ideas about the market.

[B]Demo: [/B]As BP said i started with demo but could not put my heart on demo and still now i don’t find it very helpful in demo. Because in demo nothing teaches you about how to control emotion. So now i try real accounts but with little deposits. Still not sufficient to train emotion but at least it helps.

[B]Never followed anyone:[/B] I tried to follow other people but never found it satisfactory. So decided not to follow anyone and do my own analysis and whatever the result is. It helped me a lot and i have improved over time and there is still space for improvement. I did some test analysis for past few weeks and most of the time my expection was correct. (It tells me i have improved)

[B]Indicators:[/B] I did extensive search on indicators but did not like all. Then found indies which suits me. And used them for a long time and now i can read what they want to tell me.

[B]Strategies:[/B] I have developed many and failed in many and still trying one and so far still giving satisfactory result. So i am on the way to be a profitable trader.

In my journey i had patience because i knew if i strive to get something it will come to me sooner or later. I don’t know whether it was helpful for you or not. But i tried to help you out.

[B]Please note: [/B]I have not shared any strategy yet and i want to inform that i have no commercial interest in whatever i post. Thanks

Lol I was thinking the same thing.

Thank you very much Nikitafx,Kuzia, Ixlu, Ronnytodgers and Darksorrow for the replay, please guys let me know where to start, and how to learn the trade.happy trade.

Babypips school looks like a good place to start.

For quick starts while you are reading and learning from Babypips school, try to look at the Day Time Frame ( D TF ) charts on a daily basis and try to enter one trade per day on your demo.

Then do the same the following day. Put in a SL and a TP.

Only take one or two trades per day. Then go from there.

Happy Pipping

Start with 2 things:

  1. Read babypips,
  2. Ask questions no matter how dumb that question is.

Hi I am trying to look for 1 day chart, but what to look for when to enter the trade, normally I look for support and resistance and sometimes with the fib level.happy and profitable trading.

I dont use Fib…most probably because I havent got a clue how people use them :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

With that being said, I think you should read up on candlestick patterns first. No need to go into 20 or 30 types of patterns. Just pick the basic 6 or 8 types of patterns.

Basic Candlestick Patterns | Japanese Candlesticks | Learn Forex Trading <---------- Im reading this at the moment. It is a great source of basic candle stick patterns.

Then pick a currency and look at the candle stick patterns on D TF. Look for patterns that you have learned and watch what happens to the next candle after a pattern has been formed.

That is a good point to start.

Dont add any stoch, RSI, Fibo, ADX or any sort of indicators just yet. That is for much later on, that too if you choose to.

And if you are still making losses on your demo, dont worry.

What you want to avoid is adding too much to your plate at this juncture or trying to be profitable. That will come later as you progress.

I hope that points you in the right direction.

Happy Pipping.

p/s just received a warning for publishing my ymail add twice. :11 :11 :11

thanks for advice, i am looking for candlestick at the moment, why you get warning don’t have clue.trying on the demo account. happy and profitable trading

Apparently you cannot publish your email add or yahoo messenger add for others to contact you in the forum.

Didnt know that. :smiley: :smiley:

I used to feel that way to. Don’t worry, maybe one day it will smack you in the face like it did me :smiley:

It’s a great identifier of levels.

Pull them around a bit, and look closely. You should start seeing things stand out.

I too felt the same way before, now they’re a huge part of my trading plan.