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I am new on this on forum and am very interesting in forex trading. I was interested in stock market form 3-4 years, I was getting into fundamentals and technical aspects of stocks (but I had just demo account with shares). I am still interesting stockmarket, but for short term and currency flow, i prefer forex. My aim is to gain 3-4% monthly profit from forex, I would like to had additional source of income ( I can spent not more than 1 hour a day on analysis and setting up trades. I would like to prepare to make forex a supplementary income. Currently I opened demo account forex and testing my knowledge and correlation strategy - 1 month. If i can get my monthly target I will enter with real money. I am aware of long journey and difficulties connected with forex nevertheless its very interesting and I am keen to gain experience. Generally I prefer every day scalping, than long term investing.
Nowadays I got about 50% profitable transactions, but I got losses. first losses were connected with learning use of MT4, I stake just 0,01 lot in order to elaborate low risk strategy can experienced traders give me some good advice to efficiently and effectively gain my aim.


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