New journey of new me

A topic to say hi to a new land. It will be fun to gain some knowledges of this field

Welcome. I will make this clear about trading. Gaining some knowledge will bring you nowhere. Same as becoming a surgeon. You can not operate with just some knowledge.

You need expert level knowledge and experience to succeed. Your journey will be fun, but can also be miserable. However in the end it is worth it!

Good luck.

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Reality of the forex world!

Hey Welcome to the forex, I would say that the market is unpredictable so gain sufficient knowledge because this will only help you to stay in the forex market, also keep the emotions out this will only give you losses.

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yeah, I have experience Crypto with much painful things, that’s why I move to forex hahaa (to feel less painful maybe :joy:)

yeah, thank you !!

that’s right, I also find it unpredictable in crypto, too. That’s why it’s better to learning things more than just through the money and try to win the market!

Wish you all the best for your future.

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