New kid on the block

Hi my screen name is SMTM101 and I live in sunny South Africa.

I am new to Forex and very keen to learn to hopefully become a full time Forex trader one day.

I traded Futures many years ago and about broke even. I have seen and heard alot about forex over the last few years and have become interested after attending a seminar or two on forex.

I was told about this site by one of the staff at the broker I use and so far have found it very interesting. I am very keen to start learning at the pipsology school.

I am interested to know if there are any full time Forex traders on this site and if so can you be self taught?

Cheers for now

Welcome to the community, SMTM101!

Sure there are definitely full-time traders around here. ILovePizzaMore had just revealed that he is one in his recent interview. Maybe you can give him a shoutout?

Don’t hesitate to let any of us know if you have any questions with the School of Pipsology or trading in general.

Good luck!