New Lady in Forex Industry

Hi All,

I just started my first Forex Trading journey just now.
Currently trading with using MT4. Feel free to ping me for things that I should know about.
I’m currently just playing around with it. Deposited about 70usd to start. Hope it won’t go to waste and hope I would experience beginner’s luck at this point.


Greetings xmargaux and welcome to the forums! Looks like you’re very eager to start, already trading live! Have you gotten some education before you started? If not, don’t hesitate to check out the School of Pipsology to learn analysis and risk management techniques to help you trade safely.

More Ladys! :35:

Welcome XMG :wink:

I wish you all the best on the Pipwave. Long long way for us newbie to go but we will made it, riiiight? :slight_smile:

Take care