New Looking for Brokers

I am ready to set up a demo account to test my skills in trading. Can someone help me with some of the best brokers i can start with?


Yes, best brokers in general especially ones that are good to newbies.

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Which country are you in? I am in the UK, am with ETX Capital and am very happy with them.

I am in US, and thanks a lot.

Actually, I have been reading a lot on broker types. It seems as though the best brokers to get are ECN brokers rather than Market makers. An ECN broker typically won’t charge you a spread fee, but rather just a commission. Market Maker brokers will hedge against all of your trades and sometimes rip ya on spread fee’s. An ECN broker won’t do that, they actually want you to win your trades.

PFG Best and MB trading are two that I found that are ECN brokers.

You might want to look into them.


Im checkin out Tadawul FX, for USA, $500 thru paypal, mini account

What were your experiences with tadawul? Would u recommend?

Oanda has no minimum account size and you can specify whatever lot size to meet your money management requirements. I use FXCM though because of marketscope, for me it’s miles ahead of MT4. Id recommend demo account with MT4 and Marketscope to compare.

im using Oanda… was using FXCM but im glad i made the move. Oanda has way lower spreads and the demo account doesnt expire and you can fund your account via paypal if you want. They only have one account type(not micro,mini or whatever) and you can choose your leverage.

Just google it, check out as many as you like and ignore what others say. Once you find one you feel comfortable with, open an account and fund it with a small amount then start trading and interacting with them in order to see how good (or bad) they really are.

Hi Mblake,

It’s important when comparing spreads to consider what execution type is being used by each broker. For example, FXCM offers traders two types of forex execution: No Dealing Desk (NDD) and dealing desk (DD). While FXCM believes that NDD execution provides the best overall trading experience, we also offer DD execution as an option for traders whose primary concern is low spreads. As an example, I took a snapshot of this [live table of broker spreads.

](Forex Broker Guide @ Forex Factory)

As you can see, our DD spreads compare favorably with other brokers using DD execution. Also, our demos won’t expire provided you place a trade at least once every 30 days. And we lowered the account opening minimum on our retail accounts to $50, and eliminated the distinction between micro, mini and standard accounts. If you have any questions about FXCM, feel free to hit me up in the Broker Aid Station.

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Don’t forget to check the reviews of the brokers. There are so many scammers out there.

I use accentforex. And don’t regret with it. Rather satisfied conditions for trading and I really got profit.

how do i set my account to use the lower spreads on the demo account?

Here’s the link to use for a new low spreads demo.