New Margin Calculator

[B]A New Useful Feature - Margin Calculator[/B]

[B]FXOpen[/B] presents Margin Calculator - a new easy-to-handle tool for traders.

May 14, 2011. [B]FXOpen[/B], one of the world’s leading FOREX brokerage companies, is launching a new feature – Margin Calculator - for a fast and easy calculation of pip and margin value.

In pursuit of a trader-oriented approach [B]FXOpen[/B] continues upgrading and improving its trading conditions. A new Margin Calculator is a complex feature, which significantly simplifies and automates margin and pip value calculations. It provides traders with more accurate and visual information that can help them optimize their money management strategies. Both newbies and professional traders will appreciate its friendly and easy-to–use interface.

Margin Calculation is an updated tool that allows a trader to determine the required margin and cost of one pip for each currency pair as well as tune the optimal leverage, balance and lot size before opening a trade. A trader only needs to enter the leverage, the volume and the estimated balance. The value of one pip and the value of Margin for each currency pair will be recalculated and updated according to the real-time market prices.

Margin Calculator is available in two variants: both on the company’s website in the Trading Terms section , (available for all traders, including those who do not have a live account with [B]FXOpen[/B] yet) and in the My [B]FXOpen[/B] trader’s personal back-office area (available for the company’s clients who have a live account with FXOpen). To calculate Margin in the Trading Terms section a trader needs to select the leverage, volume size (lot) and the estimated balance. In My [B]FXOpen[/B] area Margin can be calculated for any volume based on the leverage and the current balance (equity) of the client’s account.

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I cannot find information for margin credits as well. Good luck finding more information. I’m fascinated to see what we can come up with to help. Other than this problem I rely on a broker to tell me.

Hi Adam. What would you like to know about margin credits?