New member and forex begginer from Dar es salaam Tanzania

Looking forward to gaining a lot of knowledge about trading from this forum’s members

Yes, undoubtedly a better decision. It is always very necessary for a beginner to obtain better trading understanding at the initial phase of his trading voyage so that he can ensure rational yet timely trade execution decisions. And your wish can actually boost confidence in the acquisition process of trading knowledge.

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good decision, because you choose the right Forum which is considered as a best source of learning Forex , good luck , happy learning.

My two pips worth, Do the Pipology course and while doing it open a simulated account and practice what your learning. When you have achieved consistent profitability open a real funded account.

just be active in this community with practicing demo, it will better of course.

Use the search button & of course, ask question according to your specific enquiry. All the best, happy learning.