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I am new to Forex. Just learning the ropes. I have done some stock trading mostly using fundamental analysis. Just completed the school section on babypips. Intend to read it all again and take notes. I am also working on getting better understanding of candlesticks signals and other technical indicators. My initial objective is to understand technical analysis and use the same while doing practice trading. I will give it 3-4 months and see if I can trade live.

Looking forward to this new venture and wishing you all a very happy holiday season.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Find a simple, easy to understand method.

If the charts look confusing, skip it, you don’t need it.

Welcome you!! This is a good forum to get the info you need.
And Happy holidays for you too. This is my first time here in the forum, and you are the first person saying that. It looks like a nice forums Don�t you think?

[B]HELLO ![/B]

it will take a bit more than 3 months, trust me here — DEMO, dont go real money, or simply send ME the money so someone besides your broker gets to use it !


enjoy and trade well


[B][I]Within the great hall at Elfinore stands a wondrous coffer, precisely four cubits square and securely latched against the outside world. Inside that repository, shut away from impertinent eyes, abides many an intriquing trading secret garnered from around the world and over the ages !

As a child, i used to watch from the darkness as the secrets were debated and annotated by the elders. No one there held a single thought of my presence – BUT I KNOW WHERE THEY HID THE KEY !! [/I][/B]

Well even on forex trading you can base your trades on fundamental analysis. This is called here to be a long term trader. Now as I see and deduce from your post you plan to be a scalper, am I right? Well my only advice here is that if you plan to work with only indicators keep in mind that is recommended to use 3 at the most. Because then your charts would become a mess and you will never enter a trade hehehe. I wish you luck and agree with mp, it will surely take more than 3-4 months. Just take your time.

I believe you cannot learn trading with fake money.
Demo is only good for to learning the platform, so you dont press the wrong buttons etc.

Your best and fastest way to learn trading is to open a small micro account and trade nano lots. Cherish your losses, they will educate you the most!

Even if its just pennies you will learn 1000% more about the important stuff about trading = Your self!
The emotions and controlling your self :slight_smile:

while i certainly cannot argue with YOUR ideas, and considering that there IS a psychological difference between fake and real money, i follow the old military concept of NOT putting a pilot into an F-16, UNTIL theyve accumulated MANY hours in a simulator ---- easier to crash and burn NOTHING, than to make a VERY large hole in the pavement — heck, concretes still expensive !

enjoy and trade well


You are sage, �vous etes sage�� demoing before going live�that F-16 pilot could experiment some troubles even in ground jeje
I�m doing my homework with MT4

mp6140, I believe that he might be able to do it in 3-4 months, because he has done stock trading before. I actually think that stock trading is even harder than FOREX because of all the financial reports to read and what not.

swadwekar, in forex fundamental trading you will realise that many times the news releases may not matter, because the projected effects have already been ‘priced in’. Like say the USD cutting its rates by 50 points, you will notice that even 2 days before the release of the news the USD already started getting weaker.

This is (fundamentally) different from stock trading where the news reaches the public, the public scramble for their phones, and then you see the price move.

Hope this helps someway! And good luck in your forex ventures :slight_smile:

not for me to say, but my background was 20 years of trading stocks and i immediately blew two forex accounts.

MAYBE i didnt learn easily !



Hello back!!! Hope you can find all info you need. Ask whatever you want.

Hi there!
I am newbie here on this Forum and I am newbie at Forex. Looking for some advice and useful information about forex trading.
My friend making good money by trading but does not share his secrets with me =(
I hope I’ll find out everything by myself with your help on this Forum