New member with a question



I am a new member in BABYPIPS, this great site that helped me a lot in forex…

I Have a question and I hope I can find the answer for it:

I want a link or a file that contains detailed explanation in an easy way for all MetaTrader 4 indicators that are included in it…

Can any one please help me out with that ?

Also, what indicators are the best of them and does anybody advice me to have the knowledge on other important indicators that are not included in MetaTrader 4 ???

Hoping to hear from any one here…

My Regards[/B]

Have you tried the MetaTrader site? Forex Trading Software: Forex Trading Platform MetaTrader 4

The “best” indicator depends on who you talk to, and what their trading strategy is. Not all indicators work good in all situations.

Search the forums and you’ll find more info.