New on forum, invisible follower

Just Want to say Hi, my style is lowprofile read and follow lots of stuff, I have completed babypips course forex.

I’m from quebec not much 100% English so excuse my not so good sentence !

I been following for more than a year here, and YouTube,stocks forum, free training and everything for 2-3 years, in the past I always an eye on technical analyst, no I move on.

So if anybody want just to talk, daytrading stock or forex stuff, why not !

Truly, I think I am searching some trading related friend at the base, but can be IRL .we never now !

For people too now, I am part of DTrading, and now TFTC.
Trading stocks is harder for me cuzof job like many, I am more trill my action, swing is not for me now… it is why I,ve gone to forex.

Thanks all for reading !


You welcome and glad to have you here. Why not? Go on with daytrading since it’s your style.

Hello and welcome! Looking forward to hearing more about your trading journey. Good luck!

hope your journey will be awesome and knowledgeable , happy trading . good luck

welcome to baby pips forum, enjoy your stay

Welcome yquebec

Welcomeee! :blush: Your English is fine so no need to worry about it. :blush: In your 2-3 years of training, I assume you’re already trading live? :smiley:

Thank you for sharing your trading background with us. Enjoy your trading journey!

Welcome to the community, @yquebec. Good luck on your trading journey.