New pip school student from London

Hello all,

I’m a new member and complete beginner. I live in London Uk and I always wanted to work from home. I’ve been reading about forex only for a few days on the internet and I came across to this site, I guess I’m very lucky to find such a good source and community so quickly.
I have started the elementary school yesterday and it looks like it’s gonna take a while to graduate :slight_smile:

I have already opened a demo account ( actually 2, Oanda and Fxcm) but I’m no way near to trade even on a demo account. It’s a long learning process but I want to do it properly because I want to do this full time in the future.

Anyways, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself:)

See you folks

Thanks for the nice intro, welcome to baby pips. It’s great you are in the UK cuz you get to trade the UK markets opening at a decent hour lol. I trade the GBP and it starts at 1am for me. Not too bad, but it’d be better if it was during the day. Anyhow, good luck! I’ve been practicing for 7 months now on FXCM, seeing good results. Giving myself a few more months to work out a few more kinks and then I’ll go live.

Long live GBP!

Thanks Godspeed, nice to meet you and see you around!

Hello and welcome to our forex community. Glad you found your way here! Don’t worry about how long it takes to graduate from our School of Pipsology, as long as you master the basics properly, you’ll be fine. Don’t hesitate to post any questions here if you’ve got any. See ya!

Thanks PipDiddy, I’m sure I’ll have loads of questions once I start, I’m just warming up :slight_smile: