New pips for me

Just want to say Hi to everyone.
I have stumbled on this side as a result of someone else thread in another forum. I have to admit that i start reading piping lessons and as a outcome i have downloaded FXCM trading station and learning account.
WOW !!!
I think i am hooked on FOREX :slight_smile:
Who ever put the learning class, kindergarten section and this side - i thank you :slight_smile:
It is all making sense after reading and i really do like the way trading station works (hope that i have the good trading station to practice).
Compering to stock trading…? Stock trading is like the looking the grass growing. At least i can see what is happening in real time (no 20 min delay).
If i stumbled on this site first i would save my self some money on stock trading software.

Happy piping everyone :smiley:

welcome to in Forex world :slight_smile: