"New Posts" link - Changed?

I always use the New Posts link to check the newest posts…but now it keeps coming up with a search box…is that new?, or a bug? I liked it the old way if it’s new, but if it’s a bug, just thought I’d mention it so you can fix it if you’re not already on it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I see the same thing… “New Posts” link is not working.

Same here, and I’m also having problems with posts I’ve already viewed still showing as unread.

This started happening two days ago, perhaps the problems are related?? :confused:

The same happens here, I was used to browse the forums with the “New Posts” link and it is no longer working. I tried to log out and back in and nothing changed.

I hope this is not a deliberate change but a bug and that you will be able to restore the link to its previous working state.

same for me - admin can you address this

Hey guys! Our techies got this fixed… thanks for the heads up!

It is indeed working as usual for me now, thanks for fixing it so quickly.

You’re welcome…and thank YOU again!!!

it is working now