New Quarantine Skill

Wanting to get into trading with my free time


It’s certainly a good time to learn how to trade. :money_mouth_face:

Saw the title, wasn’t sure if you were sharing a new skill or hoping to develop one. Anyway, welcome! Lots to learn. Grab a chair and lots of coffee.

start from financial and economic education, remember that’s it easy to trade but extremely hard to show stable winning score. Random wins make impression that you found some edge but very often it’s false.

A lot of time to start trading for longer hours and to focus on the current market situation.

While we all are quarantined, its the best time to learn aircorn. Have you started learning?

Look at the Education section of Babypips and you will get the basic knowledge. Also check out YouTube and other sites on Google - you don’t have to pay anything to learn. I also find that Forex.Academy is a good free site to learn.

It is certainly a good time. The educational section on here will really help, as will the majority of people on the forums

You can choose from a range of resources and build your trading skills with free online courses when you are free. Here attached the free link for your reference: Online Trading Platform | Forex Trading | Trade and Invest | Top 1 Markets

Nice one. Welcome! Start your education here. Take your time, be patient, ask questions and get involved on the forum. Good luck.

Here for exactly the same thing, briefly been studying some other material before coming across Babypips! Hoping to put my new found time to use.

Good luck and welcome.

Great time to do so ! If you want to learn about algorithm trading and get a robot including some trading tools for the MT4 platform, let us know!

Hi Aircon! Welcome to the community! How is it going? Are you going through the School now?

Wish u the best Aircon ! welcome to community :wink: