New Solana MEME coin GME up 3000% for the month

The new Solana kid on the block. And the craziness continues.

Coinmarketcaps chart to see the 1d, 7d and 30d stats. Wow.

GME, KITTY, and MOTHER before those two, killed the market. Alt coin season is booming.

They all fell very hard, as expected.

Did you see the livestream by Kitty? That guy is not stable, if you invest in GME because of him you are in for a surprise. The is the mother of front running. He knows his power, he positions himself before every public move he makes, and makes millions off of his retards on Reddit. His 120,000 call options are approaching out-of-the money, my guess is he will make another stunt, after using his 90 mill cash to buy “cheap” shares, the retards go crazy, and he cashes in on his calls. It is 100% stock manipulation without being stock manipulation. No one can charge him from a meme leaning forward in a chair, or posting his balance. He is in control of the share price, and he always positions himself before doing any public appearances. His livestream was nonsense, just rambling like he had quite a few of that brew he was showing, and Reddit went crazy about how legend he is. They don’t know they are being played. Now they are talking about MOASS (Mother of all short squeezes), which is total nonsense. The shorters got bailed out by the company with the 75,000,000 share issue, the price dropped like hell, and there is no more pressure on remaining shorters. And, GME dropped a terrible quarterly report early, so they could sell shares to shorters. This stock, and I guess the token, is dead. Only hope for the apes is if Kitty exercises his calls. The fact that he has not done this already, makes no sense. My hunch is he has another plan on how to fuk the apes once more. I tried to say the same on Reddit, but as I don’t have any “karma” my post got deleted :sweat_smile: No opposing ideas allowed.
Sorry for the long, and yes, rambling post. But people considering buying this (these?) tokens, or the share, need to know the play that is happening…