New strategy winning thread

EUR sl we are still in front though

Sell Nzd usd

NZd usd sell tp0.61495 sl 0.62058
Eur usd sell tp 1.09404 sl 1.09969

Both hit tp over 50 pips combined

Buy nzd usd today

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Nzd usd buy tp 0.61821 sl 0.61096

Move Nzd usd tp to 0.61797

Close profits Nzd buy 35 pips

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Hello, I’ve been looking at your posts for a bit and I’m very impressed on the results of the strategy you’ve been using. What does your strategy entail, what helps you build confluence in the market?

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Hello :wave: thanks for your kind words I’m not ready to show my strategy yet but happy to still post tips :blush:

Today we sell Nzd usd everyone

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Alright, thank you very much. I’m becoming more serious about forex trading and working to build/refine a strategy as well. I’ll keep watching the tips to hopefully learn something from them. : )))

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NZ tp 0.61196

Nz hit tp 20 pips

Today we are gonna sell Nzd usd again

Nzd usd tp 0.61035

No hit sl
Gbp chf buy
Eur jpy buy
Usd jpy sell

Mainly focus on Eur jpy buy because my tp is 149.612

Buy Nzd usd today

Aud jpy buy
Cad jpy buy

Buy Eu stocks 50 index eustx50

Cad jpy tp 99.728
Aud jpy tp 89.809