New strategy winning thread

We made over 200 pips today :clap:

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Aid chf sell

Nzd jpy has more upside to go

Selll Aud chf today

BUY gbp chf today also

This is much of a signal thread to me. Why don’t you mind telling us a bit bout your new backtested strategy?

Close Aud chf sell and do these three
Gbp chf buy
Eur jpy buy
Eur Aud sell

Eur usd sell

SEll gold

Buy us 500

EUR gbp buy

GBp jpy buy

NZD jpy buy

Aid chf buy

HI :wave: obviously worked to hard to long to show my strategy but happy to continue posting tips sorry

Rollin in pips :clap:

Take profit Aud chf 100 pips :clap:

Eur usd tp 1.09209
Gbp jpy tp 172.844
Eur Gbp tp 0.88137
Nzd jpy tp 85.489

Close Gbp jpy and Eur usd in profit
And keep Nzd jpy buy and Eur Gbp buy

Very good cross pairs trading is tough because they are affected by moves of major pairs as well as idiosyncratic (unique to the pair) risks which you can’t always follow.

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Thankyou for your support