New strategy winning thread

Ethereum take profit 1837.81

Buy uk 100
Sell Eur chf
Sell Aud chf
Sell cad chf

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interesting combination, there! no compelling view on USD/CHF? (i ask as a trader of “6S”, Swissie futures) …

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Yes im very confident with these 3 today shoul Turn out well

Confident as on how far? I can’t see CHF strength continuing much longer

I’m very confident in cad chf sell and Eur chf sell those two for sure

Gbp Aud buy looks good too

I’m not questioning what you’re saying, just asking if you’re saying continuation of the downtrend or a bit more on the pull back.

I’ve traded the opposite of your gold signal, so very interested in how far your system says it’s going

I only have a little bit on gold my main two are Eur chf and cad chf yes downtrend continues with them

I would say the three best of the day are Eur chf sell cad chf sell Gbp Aud buy

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Some good profits with cad chf Eur chf :+1:

Today sell Gbp usd

Sell cad chf again
Buy Eur Gbp

Sell natural gas
Buy shopify

Buy cad jpy

Sell gbp aud

Impressive new strategy! Backtested and ready to win. CAD/CHF buy (TP: 0.67297) and EUR/CHF sell (TP: 0.98421). Remember, manage risks and stay adaptable. Good luck! :muscle::chart_with_upwards_trend:

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I think the r:r ratio is realistic and this might be a good r distance for EUR/USD - but just to note that 25 pips on a JPY pair is very different from 25 pips on EUR/USD.

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EUR usd buy
Usd chf sell
NZD cad buy

Close them and buy Gbp chf buy Nzd chf buy
Very confident about those two

Gbp Nzd and Gbp Aud to high gonna fall

Bought Gbp usd recovering well so far
Buy Gbp usd