New strategy winning thread

Buy Eur usd

Not to good last 2 days we are still way infront though
Got a few today
Gbp Nzd buy
Eur Nzd buy
Gbp jpy buy
Gbp Aud buy
Gbp cad buy
Aud Nzd buy
Eur jpy buy
Aud jpy buy

Gbp jpy tp 174.009
Aud jpy tp 93.026

We should get a lot of pips outta these two

NZD usd sell
Nzd cad sell
Nzd chf sell
Chf jpy buy
Aud chf sell

NZD usd sell
Nzd cad sell
Aud Nzd buy

Look like the three best :+1:

GReat profits with the recently traded Nzd

Cad chf buy
Usd chf buy

Cad chf buy today :+1:
Usd chf buy also

EUR chf sell
Gbp cad buy
Usd chf buy

The two best of the day are cad chf buy
Usd chf buy stick with those two

Usd chf buy Eur usd sell

Gbp jpy buy

NZD jpy is a sell this I sold wats holding up Gbp jpy buy they are going in opposite direction

Good hedge though

Gbp jpy buy
Chf jpy buy
Nzd jpy sell

Gbp jpy buy tp 174.064

Buy us 2000 tp 1800.4
Buy litecoin tp 90.32
Buy chainlink tp 6.561
Buy bitcoin cash tp 116.17

Sell bitcoin

Buy bitcoin cash sell Nzd usd

Bitcoin cash up :+1:
For Monday sell Nzd usd
Sell Eur chf
Buy gasoline

Sticking with these three today should turn out well
Nzd usd sell
Eur chf sell
Gasoline buy

Buy gold tp 1957.01