New strategy winning thread

Gold has a one way ticket south.

Sell Eur usd :+1:

Sell Nzd chf
Sell Eur chf
Sell Eur Gbp

Buy Nzd jpy

Why please?

Iv changed it to Gbp cad buy better go with the trend
But Nzd jpy looks to reverse

Eur cad buy

Looks like cad is weak today
Buy Eur cad
Buy Gbp cad
Buy usd cad

It just looks like it’s revering especially Nzd usd

I’m only going these two today after further anyalisis

Nzd usd buy
Eur cad buy

Gbp jpy buy

Gbp jpy sell tp 172.801

Gbp jpy tp hit 30 pips

Aud chf buy tp 0.59306

Aud chf sl 0.58905

Aud chf buy
Eur chf buy
Gbp chf buy

Aud cad buy

Buy usd cad

Usd cad tp 1.37099
Hoping to get 133 pips

SEll Bitcoin cash

Gbp jpy buy stop 174.239

AUd jpy buy tp 91.904