New Subcategory Alert: Trader Q&As!

Inspired by @PipMeHappy, we’re opening up a new subcategory for trader Q&As!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a stock, forex, or crypto trader - as long as you have something educational or inspirational to share, you can post them here!

The only requirement is that it should be in a Q&A format. (Yes, you can interview yourself and post them here, too!)


Hi, where I can find this Q&A?

don’t get it. as I understand its not classic q&a?
found this one: Learn How to Trade the Markets I think in some sense it can be q&a for me

Hello Paul,

it is the same interview, posted as a “Q and A” as well as on the women traders thread… I hope this helps.

Hello PipMeHappy,
Thank you, I was just searching for the classical Q&A section.
Anyway, thank you!