New System Testing

I had breakfast and meditated, but I won’t be able to sleep until about 2pm, so I will do a workout.

Still full of energy after workout and shower, I’m starting think maybe I start a youtube channel to show my daily routine. be back tonight looking for more trade set-ups with this system.

Time here is 10:55am

Time is a little over 5pm, checking on market close and open for forex, I see we have a nice downtrend on EUR/ZAR so I will be looking to gain some pips on this pair if a can get a good entry.

I did some back testing over the weekend. If everything goes well, I will be going live with this system in 2024 and I will post the live account here.

This system will be traded most likely with $1000, so I will set up my demo account for $1000 and see how it goes.

Ok got the account started, now I will attempt to link the account to myfxbook

Going to clean up the thread by deleting some previous post

I got Impatient waiting for signals early in the week and took some loses, Finally got the signal I was looking for, good way to end the week.

Take Profit 4 would of been a great exit point, still working on better entries and Take Profit level.

Aside from my current project, I am working on another system that keeps me busy and motivates me to do more.

Look like EUR/SEK is setting up for a sell trade

Focusing on my Take profit will be my priority this week.

Close the USD/ZAR Trade now Looking at a sell on GBP/NOK

Now looking to buy this pair.

The stage is set for a take off, we shall see.

It was a major loss this week, I’ll assess what went wrong over the weekend and adjust accordingly.

I haven’t had this system on Myfxbook, but I’ve traded it from time to time, so I’m willing to spice things up by injecting some real money into the account and posting it on Myfxbook and here. What amount would be considered a small account these days?