New to Baby Pip Fam

Greetings All- My name is Edgar E. Aka E-Pips…Jajaja. I reside in SI, NY. I’m New to this business. Please note I’m hungry , committed and will be grow to be disciplined & diligent in this new journey. I finished the school of Pipsology yesterday…WOW that was an amazing trip, if i say so myself. Very fun/ addictive and educating stuff that I learned about the Forex Business World. Props to the creative team for these educated courses‼️ Even though there is still much more to learn I am ready to take on the challenge. Today I will be organizing all my notes from pipsology classes and start creating an action trading plan. Also, I have been reading some forex books that I can add notes to my plan.
My 1st question for now is does anyone recommend or suggest a trading demo platform I can try out for the next 1-2 Months?
Thank You,

I suggest Oanda

Thank you QP! Will definitely check it out and consider using.
Pleasure e-meeting you.