New to Baby Pips

Hello, my name is X. I learned a little about forex a few years ago and my friend introduced me to babypips but the magic of forex seemed unreal o me I didn’t take it seriously. I am here to double my money as soon as possible. It may not happen today, tomorrow, or a year from now but one day I will be 10x my money with forex.

most welcome in this community , this forum is appropriate for all kinds of traders but especially for the beginners level , hope you will enjoy this environment.

making money double from Forex trading is possible or not , i hope you know this reality , but i just want to say before earning you guys should focus on learning first , otherwise no way to survive successfully.

have you finished any basic level of trading as a new Forex trader ?

hi and welcome to baby pips community.

your calculation is okay , hope for the best . have a very good journey from there. by the way most welcome in this community.