New to BabyPips

Hello BabyPipers!

I am excited to join your adventure in the thrilling world of forex trading!

They say forex is a crazy rollercoaster ride, with the highs of a profitable trade and the heart-wrenching lows of a stop-loss hit. Lets surf the waves of market volatility, and conquer the charts together!

Apes Together Strong:joy:

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Hi ar400

Welcome to the forum.

Apes Together Strong:joy: - are you a BAYC holder?

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Hello and welcome! It’s an exciting ride indeed, full of ups and downs :sweat_smile: Good luck and enjoy your trading journey!

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Welcome G!

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If you have the money, enjoy your short time trading.

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Not yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

most welcome to baby pips family , this community is very friendly, hope you will enjoy that . happy trading

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short time trading is really a risky issue , need a powerful risk management first of all.

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scalping really contains huge risk , need a long time experience to make sure good amount of profit by scalping .

Hi all.
I’m new here too. Interesting forum and many interesting topics. I hope to stay here for a long time. Good luck to all.

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Welcome @ar400 ! How is it going? Hope all is well and good luck on your trading journey!

Hello and welcome Patrick! You’re in a great place to start your trading journey. Good luck and see you around!

Welcome to the community, @ar400. Are you new to trading too or just new in the community?

Welcome to the community, @PatrickBoulay. Same question. Are you new to forex or just new here?