New to BabyPips

Lover of the Forex with two live accounts, one offshore and one in the USA. A trader with a better than average success rate just trying to make it in this ever changing world.

Would like to learn more about EA’s never used them, but willing to try.

Have a great day

welcome to babypisp, and best of luck in your future trades :slight_smile:

Thank you Jingoy you too! Have a great day

Be careful with eas especially if you are with a MM broker

Hi welcome to bbpp wish you enjoy your stay here ) and I hope that the members will be helpful with you … can you tell us more about your trading experience ?

Welcome to this great community. Looking forward to seeing you active on the boards or in chat. Good luck with your trading journey.

Welcome Legal,

Nice to see your profitable. I’ve just started looking into EAs as well, looking forward to exchanging ideas if we ever get the chance.


Hey Legal,

Wish you the best of luck with the EA front, an area I have not yet touched…skeptical as always, but hey we traders have to be even at the best of times :wink:

Best of luck!

Welcome to BabyPips…tons of info here, and do review the help files!

welcome to babypisp Legalking, and best of luck for future :slight_smile:

You are welcome in this community. You will get each and everything that you want to learn about EA.