New to Forex been dabbling a little

Little bit of crypto s&p and Nasdaq but rather unsuccessful

In which case you’ve come to the right place to educate yourself how to trade properly and practice what you’ve learnt. Understand that all traders on the planet lose some trades, however the successful ones focus on process and let any rewards take care of themselves.

Best of luck.

success is a big deal in this trading place. need a very long time patience with great level of practice.

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Hello and welcome! You’re in the right place to learn. Good luck, hope all goes well for you this time.

Welcome to the forum and good luck with the journey

Welcome to the community, @kyrex. You can start learning at the education section here for better results. If you’re not keen on reading, you can also try youtube videos. Good luck on your trading journey.

In this field, success is everything. But to achieve success, you’ll need a lot of practice and patience.

Hi! Start with learning forex from baby pips school of Pipsology and along with practicing on demo accounts.