New to Forex Cameron from South Africa

Hi everyone,

Name is Cameron, from South Africa, I am new to forex, decided to learn the skill set as the lockdown has taken away my source of income… I have done an online course locally, made some progress but still sceptical about taking trades on live accounts… Need to understand a lot more before I step into a live account.

Hope this forum would be able to assist with all my beginner questions.


Hi :slight_smile: start from the education section Regards Greg

Mabybe you can try the below steps:
Skilled foreign exchange transaction process: foreign exchange trading platform and trading time period
A few targeted learning of several mainstream indicators (such as K-line, moving average, Bollinger, etc.)
After knowing a few basic indicators, simulate the simulation exercises.
Practice and summarize experience during the simulation.
Download the software and register your real account.
Communicate on the forum or in the forex trading circle and find out the best strategy for you.
Persist and persist tenaciously.

Hi 24971

I am also a trader from South Africa.

Get in contact with me , just reply on this.