New to Forex - Education Advice

Hi All,

I am new to the forex market and I am looking at learning more and more about it with a view of using it to supplement my current income.

I have started the education courses on BabyPips and it seems really good.

There are a lot of people claiming to provide forex education, making you successful, giving you all the tools etc and charging for courses - I have always been a bit unsure of these are you can’t really trust the reviews.

As much as online self-education is really good and will provide a good foundation I was wondering if anyone has come across reputable academies which provide face to face/classroom training.

Also generally what is everyone’s advice on starting with forex. What’s the best place to start and develop.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi Hiten. Search for “market structure trading” on YouTube.

Thanks for this, any particular video you recommend?

I am trying to study about Forex too, but there is not so much information…

There are many but see this post for one.

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To learn forex it is best to learn from a proven professional bank trader. Look up Traders4Traders. They have some free educational material on their website and their YouTube channel. If you’re willing to pay they also offer face to face training but quite pricey. I’ve learned by going through their free content and been trading with real cash for about a month now. I did have a period of drawdown but I’ve recovered and back in front now.

Hi, start your education here. it’s free. Do some reading to build a foundation and find out what kind of trader you want to be first. Best of luck.