New to Forex, here's my first analysis on USD/CAD

I am seeing a slightly bearish triangle channel with 3-4 confirmations on the ceiling and floor supports. I expect either a breakout upwards soon to a target of 1.28019 or a retesting of the floor at 1.24197 because the ceiling is being retested continuously in the past 4 hours and not being broken.

EddieB suggested I look at oil prices and their movements but have found trouble finding this information and linking it to my analysis of this currency pair.

I am new to the forums and this is my first attempt at an analysis. I am currently going through the pipschool guide. Please instruct me to the shortcomings of what I have predicted and what I should look out for in this kind of situation. Thanks guys .

i was short where you are for about 8 hours. i placed the short last night and woke up and was up about 30 pips. i closed that trade because i didn’t like how long it was taking to make a move in either direction. got some pips tho so i can’t be angry haha. but let me know how this trade goes for you

I use Commodities Prices - for live oil prices. Its important for this pair because Canada is a major oil exporter and USA is its main customer so fall in oil price can make this pair a buy opportunity