New to Forex. Need proper guidance

Hello Everyone,
I’m new to Forex. I had been trading cryptos for some months now. And recently started learning about Forex. One thing I noticed is that trading currencies on Forex is not the same as trading Cryptos.
I’m yet to practice Forex trading with a Demo account and switch over to the Real one after I gain enough knowledge and confidence. If income from this is sustainable, one day I want to go into FX full-time.

I’m very patient and systematic when it comes to learning new concepts.
I love listening to others and learning from them. Also, I love to help others in the community by sharing my knowledge and insights and solving their problems whenever I can.

Looking forward to connecting with you all.


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Welcome. Good attitude. With the right mindset, you could become successful. Keep persevering.

Welcome to the community. You can start your learning journey from the education section of this website. They have amazing resources for newbies. Remember it takes time to be skilled. There is no short cut.

It’s good that you are patient because trust me, you will need it a lot when you trade forex in the live market.

‘Follow a consistent methodology’, that’s the key to a successful trade I personally feel. There are traders who rely on the economic analysis and reading the charts, while there are few who swear by the technical indicators. Whichever way you follow, make sure that you’re consistent with its application and in sync with the latest market directions.

Put your patience and discipline in use with the school of pipsology. After reading your intro, I’m sure that you’re a serious trader. So, invest a few months learning and getting acquainted and then as you said, start with a demo account trading. I’m sure you’ll go a long way. All the best :slight_smile: