New to Forex trading, here to learn

Hello y’all,

My name is Kwesi from Ghana.
I am new here with zero experience in trading, my goal is to be a pro in the coming years and learn from the very best.

Welcome Kwesi.
Remember this kind of skill dosnt come quick, make sure to study for years and dont give up. Good luck on your way

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Thanks JV…

Welcome to the community, Kwesi! How are you getting on with your trading education? Hope you’re enjoying your it and good luck on your journey!

Hello Kwesi:

I am new to trading also. I was advised by a very good friend to come and start here. Follow the steps on Babypips, for example School of Pipsology Be consistent, master your emotions - do not let money be your guide.

Just a tad bit of info about me, many years ago I was a missionary in Ghana :sparkling_heart: Such a pearl


Thanks friend! Getting along pretty well than i thought. One step at a time. Cheers.

Thank you J.

Great information in here. I am enjoying every bit of it.
I hope you had a great time in Ghana!