New to Forex

Hey everyone, I am new to forex and want to get some more educated opinions on what is the best way to learn/place to learn. I am planning on reading the School of Pipsology but how else would you recommend learning. I do not want to spend tons of money learning but I have seen some cheaper places to learn. Infinite Prosperity, PipsUniversity? Has anyone ever heard of these or recommend them. I was looking for somewhere where you could read through everything, not read one thing and another thing there. Also would you say it is better to focus on a forex education or focus on finding scholarships for college?


You really need load of information of forex. Babypips is a good place to start . But if you are not satisfied is possible for you to google . And also try practicing through a demo account from a broker.

Everything you need to know is in School of Pipsology. After that find system that suit YOU or create trading system yourself.

Second that. You’ll get 95% of what you need for free. Open a demo account so you can practice an look at charts as you learn, and read these forums. Don’t spend a penny on courses, especially the ones claiming to know the secret to forex. Theres only one secret, and I’m not telling :slight_smile:

i have been wanting to buy the infinite prosperity course for a while now but i haven’t pulled the trigger. only reason is i don’t know how to explain to my parents about it. I’m 17, senior year of high school. i have the money but idk if its worth bc i have learned tons off this website and just from dabbling on a demo account. its funny because the owner of that company actually first got me into trading when i found out how she made the money to buy the lambo she has. the videos they come out on there youtube page are very good in my opinion. if you do get the Infinite prosperity course please reply back saying how you thought it was.