New to Forex


I was recently told about Forex Trading by a friend. It seems quite interesting.

Greetings disposableagent001 and welcome to the community! Forex is definitely interesting, as well as challenging, fun and frustrating all at the same time. It’s an endeavor that’s simple, but not easy, with a potential reward of both financial and personal growth. Glad you can join us and hope that it’s your cup o’ tea…good luck!

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome Disposableagent001. There is a lot of good solid basic info on this site and a lot of good people to share your Forex travels with :slight_smile:


I would suggest reading the “technical templates” threads here at babypips…some of the best material available!

Well i would suggest that first you should select an appropriate broker ti trade with as I believe that broker are the base to earn with Forex. I have been trading since 3 years with my current broker and thus I can say through his advice and tips i have earned a lot.