New to Forex

i really new to Forex and need help understanding …i am a hands on person so please if you have any video links to help me out please i am open to learn…

“i am a hands on person” good for you, because forex trading is a “hands on” work to do.

Read all from the school section of this forum. Then choose your trading style, search videos on youtube regarding that style and keep practicing on a demo account until you get confident enough to master your strategy.

Great way to learn is by doing the school section as mentioned by the post above on baby pips, exceptional trading foundation building and make sure do the quizzes!

Yeah, babybips has so many learning tutorial with his school section. You should start from it then you can move on to next step for market trading.

You can also search Youtube for Forex tutorial videos, there is a lot of information there.

I really recommend that you begin your learning process with the School of Pipsology. It’s a very comprehensive guide, and then you can expand from there.

Hello Sena, you are welcome in Forex industry! Don’t worry about your leaning! You are on the right track! Yeah, this forum is very much effective for novice traders who actually want to learn Forex trading! Start your learning from BabyPips School! Here you may get everything on Forex trading from basic to advance level!

The best way to become successful in Forex Trading, you need to practice Demo and get the knowledge regarding the Real Market.

Might demo account is free place to learn, and will good if seriously in learning, that distinguish between demo and real account is about emotion in trading usually if trading using real account will full with emotion pressure but not in demo

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