New to forex

My name is Eddison and i am a native of the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago. I have always been bombarded by info from spammers about binary options trades and pretty much ignored those things until March of last year when i decided to give it a go. Was told after registering that all i needed to deposit to my account was USD 250.00 to get started. After doing this was contacted by broker from company who indicated that i need to add more funds to the account as amount deposited was not big enough . He suggested that i take it to USD$1000. I didn’t have that available to me at the time so i was offered a bonus and he advised me to place a trade as advised which i did and won. The broker then said i need to deposit at least another $500.00 to go further.
Being new to this its been almost a year that $800.00 is sitting in that account with no trading activity because i am not familiar with what to do. Did visit and looked at videos on the site which didn’t my cause. Last month i decided that i needed to learn how to trade and started the pursuit of Forex training. After trying and looking at several training which was very technical in nature and confusing to me i am happy to be a part of babypips school. So far the way the course has been presented makes it very learner friendly.

Looking forward to learning, growing and interacting with others in this forum who have their sights set on becoming a competent successful trader.