New to here, I like learning and sharing

New to the forum but not to trading, I’m also looking and searching for info as well as I like sharing mine. I work with a group of traders that shares as well as learns from each other. Hopefully I can help others as much as I learn here. I’m not afraid to ask questions along with giving out information that I know. I love looking at and marking up charts. My one flaw is I’m too eager and at times try to force a trade. Gotta be patient

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Good trait for someone who is eager to learn. Good luck.

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Hi and welcome to the community! Looking forward to hearing more about your trading experiences. See you around!

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community, @MGfxc. How has your trading been so far?

It was going well then I decided to give crypto a try, hot dang those spreads are big, right now I’m working on trying an account flip. I got multiple account through multiple brokers and one of them I decided to throw $20 in to and see what I can do. Room drawdown is next to non existent, so what I’m doing is slowly taking small profits to build more equity.

Welcome! It’s great to have someone with trading experience joining the community. Happy trading, and enjoy your time here!

Welcome MGfxc

Patience is certainly the way forward.

Welcooome! :smiley: And OMG I was just talking about something like this on a separate thread. :blush: Sorry for being excited but is this an in-person type of group? :blush: Also, good luck with your trading journey! :blush:

It’s live group sessions along with 1 on 1 private teaching too, also a group chat with buy and sell signals sent out and every talks about what other trades they’re in and chart markups and we each give out own take and reasoning for our markups and entries

welcome to this friendly forum
enjoy being here.
we also eager to share experience here

Thank you, I will gladly take any input and advice, and I’m always open to constructive criticism

Good plan. Good luck on your trading journey.