New to the trading world 🌎

My name is Sage ! I am very new to the trading world, but so excited to jump into it and have a new outlook on life. I am going to be 25 on May 9th, Taurus energy. I am an artist, and I live in California USA in the Bay Area I have lived here my whole life. I hope I will be able to travel all over the world one day and see where life takes me. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Look forward to connecting with you all !

Welcome, Sage. Wish you best of luck.

Welcome. In your shoes, I would focus on becoming a great artist instead of becoming involved with forex. because it would take the same amount of hard learning work to become proficient and consistently profitable - which could be years ahead.

But hey, give it a try, and learn how not to lose money and blow your account, as do 90% of newbies…

best of luck.

Welcome best of luck

Welcome to the community. Good luck with learning.

You have chosen a great way of living your life. Focus on improving your skills with every passing day and there is nothing that you cannot do.