New to this page and looking at the wealth of information to learn from

Hello, I’ve been trading off and on for about a two years, and the past 4 months have I really started to read and do homework on charts and relation of commodities to coin pairs, and how they work to drive price up or down. I am always looking for new things to read and learn, so always open to suggestions and ideas or a different view on subject.

Thank you for a killer amazing page and forum

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Welcome aboard. It’s order flow that drives prices up and down. Without any order flow, the price won’t move.

IMO, you might want to try and identify areas where losing traders would close their trades or get stopped out. Which means a price movement, and a position where you could take a profit, as could winning traders.

Best of luck.

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Welcome! Study hard!

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thank you. I have been following and joined a person I found on youtube “bigjohn” from the uk, and joined his discord, and he had a service he offered which at the time was $24.99usd (for life) but has changed. but has alot of good information, and also does weekly meetings, so it has helped alot. I never really understood the depth of what you needed to know as a trader as well as the psychology needed as well, but in the past few months of reading in the off times and each day, and not giving up, I have a better grasp on things. Right now rather then trying to understand all the different pairs, etc, I’m focused on one, the USD/CAD, figured with me being canadian I should start there. Price action and and trends were my biggest thing I didn’t understand and upto now, I understand the importance more then anything. also NFP week, is always hell… nothing seems to go right but tomorrow is another day, and another dollar to shoot for. any advice or things I should read let me know. I know that the usd/cad and the wtioil are hand in hand, as well as I used this site for news, as well as forexfactory.