New to this platform

Hello the name is William , I am new to this platform that was introduced to me by a friend that is here. I’m very excited to see what things I’ll be able to do here to expand my knowledge of trading.

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Welcome. Learn how to trade FX properly and poficiently. There is no short cut, it takes months of damn hard work.

best of luck.

Welcome Williaaam! :blush: I think it’s great you have a real-life friend who’s been trading. :smiley: They might be able to help you learn faster about the industry. :blush: Good luck!

Welcome to the BabyPips community, William. FX trading is really very exciting but don’t be discouraged as you go through the learning process and some things are quite difficult. Folks here are very helpful, just ask questions if you need clarification on some things. Good luck.

Hello and welcome to babypips! You have come to the right place to learn new things about forex trading that you may not even find in the books.