New To Trading and Binary Options

Hello Everyone,

My name is Sharon Scott and I live on a very small but beautiful and pristine Island. While the island Bermuda is culturally diversified, it is not in the Caribbean as is often mistaken. On the map, it’s a dot (to indicate just how small an island it is). Although it is small in size, it is very much a Financial District where many off-shore companies set up business here and, from North America and a few other places, by flight it’s only less than three hours away; now it depends from which location you come be it Atlanta, Ga. Florida, Toronto or the Big Apple and you’ll know; I’m speaking about, you got it, New York City. A hub for many locals on the island to visit.

Now, having said that, I worked in the Corporate world as an Office Manager and worked for many Executives and spent numerous years in the Telecommunications Industry. I began to see the world revolving and then came, the introduction of cellular phones and the rest is History. Having all of that said, a major Economic Recession visited our island. You may be familiar with the adage: It never rains less it pours.’ Many people found themselves out of work, out of employment, redundancy from all facets of the Marketplace. Enough foreign workers had to return either to their own homeland or places where the ‘grass looked greener and to some, was greener on the other side.’ This then had a domino effect on private education. When the breadwinner of a household loses his employment, it really does have a domino effect on the schools, especially where the rate of the population and child-birth is in a state of decline. Vehicle ownership, and the basic things to live and survive on was hard-hit and when this kind of recession hits a small country, it affects family structure and a life-style you have come to expect.

Without getting into a long diatribe of the current economic situation, while working in a very busy office environment, I was not spared. I never saw it coming!

While I was the breadwinner bringing in the highest ‘dough’/income, I found myself unemployed, what a feeling of hopelessness and failure. My Spirit, my dignity, my self-worth was crushed as I set through an Exit Interview. To fast-forward, I believe I am on the homeward-bound stretch and looking to make good right here on the computer and tapping into the world of technology as technology is changing the way the world does business.

I am grateful to have an open-mind,a willingness to learn and be teachable. This has been a humbling experience, but I believe The Almighty is with me. I want my accomplishments to be testimonial to help somebody along the way. It is my hope that this trading and binary options will be a turning-point for me and my dearly beloved family. I anticipate reading the graphs, the trends, the candlestick and the activity to be able to place positions correctly and timely. I would like all my trades to be in the money!

Staying focused and, finding the need and avoid the greed!

Sharon Scott
31 March, 2014