New to trading and crypto

Hi Everyone,

My name is Niamatullah Edwards, yes I know it’s a mouthful hehe so just Tullah or Tools. So I’ve been interested in crypto for years but never really took the plunge because I was afraid of the it being too risky and I guess after missing the train just decided not to bother until now. I really want to get into the market but as I currently am don’t have much to start with but I’m optimistic and hopeful. I think now is as good a time as ever and believe that yhe next wave of crypto boom will be Ethereum. Well I’m still new so maybe I don’t know enough to make that prediction. That’s why I’m here to learn and perhaps make something out of it.

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There are analysts and experts who have the responsibilities of making predictions so you just focus on learning about crypto first. You can surely start small but you should be having a strategy to earn profits, else, you will lose what you invested too. All the best!