New tonpips, i go by Benz

Im a father of 3 sons seeking business insights and new financial advances for personal development. Have an associate degree in electrical engineering and Renewable resources. I want to step away from working a day job and be proficient with my interest. Im a highly determined individual, adaptive, observant and competitive.
Thank you all for having me. Its a pleasure to be growing with you.
Aubrey Benns

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You have reached a great education site, which will bring home the reality of FX trading, and how difficult it is to become consistently profitable. As such, don’t step away from your day job until you have learnt how not to lose money - which is a huge challenge.

Also, once you have played around with a demo account for a few months you will find that going live is a whole new ballgame which will test your emotional control day in and day out.

As for making money comparative to your day job, IMO, you’ll need a minimum starting account size of $10,000, and you will need to compound it every pay-day to help it grow to around $75,000.

As you can begin to realise, it’s not easy, as well as supporting your family expectancies. .

BTW - ignore social media marketing hype, it’s mostly fantasy land. Once you’re on your feet and up and running I’ll send you a link to a pro trader site, who will open your eyes to how easy it is to make money if you’ve spent decades learning and have a million bucks bankroll.

Money makes money. Best of luck.

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