New Trader Looking for a Little Help

Hi everyone,

I’m new to forex and hoping someone could shine some light into my problem.

I started trading fx a couple months ago, and for a LONG period of time, I jumped all around looking for indicators / systems that suits me. Recently, I have been looking into Price Action Trading and got interested in it. I watched a bunch of the videos on youtube and read a couple books. Then I tried backtesting it on tradingview, but for some reasons I find it difficult to do backtesting there (with all the scrolling back in time after switching timeframes) and it really frustrated me.

I really like to try getting better at price action trading, so I am just wondering if anyone has any tips on practicing it, and any other site / app that’s a bit easier for timeframe analysis.

Thanks for the help.

Hi, check Nial Fuller. Price Action is discretionary method, (sometimes, you can see different S/R zone on the same chart after day or two) reserve more time to learn, how to trade by this method. Regards Greg

Chris Capre had a long running thread here. Let me find it.

It’s a short 3600 posts. :rofl: