New trader on the block

Actually not new, I know quite a bit about Trading, but I thought a little knowledge and communication with other traders might be a good thing. And I am just now getting into Bitcoin as it went through the roof. Thought I might try some diversification in my accounts. I was watching the Bitcoin frenzy and like others I got the FOMO thing. But I did learn and notice something about the moon walk. To me it almost rivaled a classic Wyckoff demand as it reached a high volume and supply. And now it has declined a bit indicating some classic trading characteristics of supply and demand. Just my point of view from a new guy.

Better more into education then put some money to gain live experience. I just read some confession regarding someone who loss for a consecutive of 10 years in trading. Trading never been easy and no shortcuts.

No doubt. Education is never ending! But why do most traders fail, is it lack of education, or lack of practice or luck! Probably a little of both and a lot more!

But experience also want of the most important than education. You need experience to handle all your trades. Practice makes perfect.

Do you also trade cryptocurrencies?