New trader with a story and seeking some tips and help

Hello I know forex for a long time now.

A friend started with it so he gave me 5 $ to try out of course it failed without a strategy you are no where. I was using ea’s and other addons. On final the free ones were giving huge loses everytime and not much profit. I don’t say that eas are overall bad I don’t know all of them.

After that the friend gone trading with signals paying someone for getting them those trades were a huge succes. Then the next mouth the signal man charged like 200% more so he step away from there. But now I like to trade with like 69$. But doing it the good way since he doesn’t know how to trade really.

Well the first thing I think well I must start learning a trade strategy and test that on a demo account for a long time. But thats why I’m here to learn so I hope some people could give me some advice here. Thank you

Note: I posted this also on fxopen but I got very less replys. This website seems better suited for me I can learn step by step by the school.

I’m dutch myself sometimes I have a small problem understanding some things because you are learning new things in English. Are there any friendly teachers here? I can ask a question while in learning process on a instant messaging program for example? That don’t mind to help of course.

I think I want to focus on Eur/Usd finally I hope I make everything clear here if you got any questions feel free to ask.

The best piece of advice that I can give you is to use your demo account to test as many systems as possible.
Be creative!
Come up with your own ideas.
First create an entrry signal.
If you have an entry signal that works, then every thing else is easy!
Next, find a good spot for a stop.
Finally, know where to take a profit.
Either have a profit target or use a trailing stop.
Most important: Stick to your plan- NEVER go off of your plan.

That’s all there is to it.

Good Luck.

Keep it simple and start trading with real money as soon as you can.

Thanks for the replys. But i’m still learning the basics like this website offer the school. I like to have someone that likes to help with the learning I don’t understand everything 100%.

I only gonna trade with real money until I know everything about this website explains + traded with a demo account for a while.